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We can handle any small to midsize projects and our rates are very competitive. Contact us and provide some details about your production - we are happy to give you a quote!


Mixing is a creative and technical process where we pay attention to both the large strokes and the fine details, e.g. volume levels, effects and equalization. We consider the production and the expression of the song but also the technical and commercial requirements for radio or clubs.

If you have recorded your songs in your home studio or in any studio, our mixing services can help bring a great amount of professionalism into your finished product. Send your tracks to us online or by regular mail and soon you will have a finished, professionally mixed product in your hands.

In a brief what we do:

  • attentively listening to all tracks individually and figuring out the useless material
  • rendering to all tracks individually through hardware processor Digital dynamic Processor 24/32bit with precise correction of the levels
  • editing if needed with elastic audio technology
  • adding of reverb and delay, using the best impulses/responses
  • adding of EQ, Stereo Enhancer, Compressor and etc. individually
  • fine balance of all levels and mix in minimum 6 dynamic stages, until we reached the best transparency and dimensionality
  • high quality Mixdown Export into final mixed stereo track, without adding of dithering in format: 24/32bit 48kHz (or less/more depending of the initial files) and -6dB output level
  • pre-mastering - some needed processing before you step forward to mastering


Mastering is the final touch after the recording & mixing process. You've recorded your song / album in a pro or home studio & it's been finally mixed to CD. The music sounds great but you feel that it is sonically inferior to your favorite CD. Your song mixes may not be consistently loud enough or well balanced. Your vocals may sound buried or in the contrary, too upfront. There may be too much low end or not enough. Most pre-mastered recordings require a need for high & low frequency management. There maybe some unwanted noise in your recordings. These are only a few of the common problems we fix.

We ensure that your recordings are sonically in par with the big sound released by the majors. Do not overlook this important stage. This process is usually done prior to mass duplication. Mastering is the job of trained ears. It involves careful fine tuning, equalizing, compression, limiting, noise reduction, bass & volume management. We begin by analyzing your sound recording to see what needs to be applied. Every Song Is Treated Differently.

In a brief what we do:

  • transferring audio to workstation
  • removing possible noises, pops, clicks and 50/60Hz humming
  • compression and multiband compression
  • equalization - correcting the tonal balance
  • soundmatching - adjusting relative volume levels, EQ, stereo image etc. between songs
  • multiband stereo enhancement
  • multiband harmonic enhancement
  • editing track start/end points, making fade ins/outs
  • maximizing
  • limiting
  • dithering 16bit or 24bit depending of the final media
  • high quality processing on 32bit Floating Point up to 192kHz with one of the best D/A-A/D converters


AMA Sound offers complete audio post production service for television, video, radio, multimedia and internet. Our post-production suite can also be in service of musicians, vocalists, bands who need background music for their projects. Also don’t forget to check our Add-ons service which can add special blends into your creativity.

As this service is a matter of art from both sides we insist to know more about your project before you order a job. We want to have an in-depth talk with you about your wishes and expectations. Then we will go through the project and look at the possibilities and challenges. We will make suggestions and provide solutions that we will choose together.

Music production is essential in assisting the message of a song or expressing a specific mood. We consider both the creative side and the commercial and technical aspects in order to present the composition and artist in the best way possible.

In a brief what we do:

  • soundtrack & game music production
  • sound design, composing and arranging for television, theater, documentary, movie
  • internet & multimedia audio production
  • dialogue editing
  • narration / VO recording and editing (male and female voices available)
  • music composition
  • music arranging
  • music orchestration
  • music editing


Add-ons is a brand new feature, with which we are very proud to provide you with luxurious options of upgrading your mix production using real human 'Pro Session Players' and 'Real Instruments' ranging from the classical and modern to authentic world and ethnic instruments including operatic and ethnic vocals that will sing any word or phrase you want.

Just send us a midi file or audio reference and we will humanize it with real players and real instruments.

In a brief what we do:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Ethnic Flutes (Native American)
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Percussions (djembe, bongos, maracas, tambourine)
  • Piano
  • Vocals