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  • Peter Danny Band

    I am pleased with the work of AMA Sound studio. I very much liked the mastering they did to my album "Rest In Time". Thanks to their work and the great sound my album was released on the world market....I think to continue work with AMA Sound in future, too.

    | 2010
  • Ivaylo Dimitrov

    AMA Sound was absolutely unfamiliar company to me. Trusting my own intuition, I let them work over my project and soon enough I felt their professionalism. The way they treated the whole process was so perceptive and the results were not late to come. AMA Sound offer new musical solutions, different presentation, modern thinking and contemporary working methods – truly important factors for every musician and performer in 21st century. I sincerely hope to work with AMA Sound in future time again.

    | 2010
  • Bryan EL

    AMA-Sound studio did a great job mastering my latest album "Spiritual Evolution". I will definately call on their service again with my future projects.

    | 2010
  • Neptune's Daughter

    Thanks AMA Sound! I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making my EP "Still Waters" sound great.

    | 2009
  • Matteo Penna

    Working with Ama Sound it's been a pleasure. Magic Sounds. Would be great to work togheter again for next project.

    | 2009