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  • Iliya Zaki

    AMA SOUND did not only bring out the best of my track "Centurion", it raised it to a whole new level with absolute precision. On top of ensuring a high quality, professional sound for your music, they also provide fantastic customer service!! They are transparent and advise you as a professional to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the end product. If you are looking to have your music gain a level, look no further as AMA SOUND can and shall provide!!

    | 2014
  • Krzysiek Kus (EpicMusicVn)

    AMA Sound did something really good. I didn't expected that massive quality and professional help. I'll definitely hire them again!

    | 2013
  • Clarence Yapp (EpicMusicVn)

    Finally, someone who understands my music! My track, "Restarting the Dead Planet" combined dark orchestral and electronic elements spreading across a whopping 40 different instruments. AMA SOUND discussed the kind of sound that I wanted and provided professional and real expert advice to get the most of my music. Soon after, I received the final master and I'm proud to say that the finished product is excellent and will blow your sound system away! The low strings are now grittier, the taikos are more explosive, and the choir sounds like it came straight from the underworld. Whether you have a hard-hititng, face busting anti-hero cue, or a courageous epic theme, send your track to AMA SOUND and get ready to take it to the next level!

    | 2013
  • Tigerforest (Gunnar Spardel)

    AMAsound did an excellent job mastering my track Touch the Sky! It added clearity, punch and warmth to the track and all the different sound details stood out even more. Also, they gave me a ftp serverto upload the raw track and after everything was done I just had to download the new WAV file which made it very easy. I love working with AMASound!

    | 2013
  • Jonathan Mayer (EpicMusicVn)

    AMA Sound bring your sound to the next level! A mix and master far far better than the other sutdios i tried before! AMA Sound worked hard on "Wrath of Gods" and now, it's sounds perfect! That's just the beginning of a long collaboration!

    | 2013