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There are no additional costs beyond the indicated rates below. If revisions are needed, there are no additional costs to this either. Payments are easily and safely made by PayPal account or by standard bank wire transfer. Remember all expenses on transferring money via both options we offer are on your own. You can use this currency converter.



  • Track Mixing - €60.
  • Album Mixing - €54 per track (min 11 tracks).


  • Track Mastering - €45.
  • Album Mastering - €40,5 per track (min 11 tracks).


  • Track Composition - €100.
  • Track Orchestration - €80.
  • Track Arrangement - €70.
  • Track Montage - €50 (up to 10 instruments).
  • Track Editing - €40 (up to 2 instruments).
  • Track Midi-to-wav sample conversion - €20 (up to 3 instruments).
  • The music composition includes writing musical notation and instrumentation. Other skills include extended techniques such as improvisation, musical montage, preparing instruments, using non-traditional instruments, and other methods of sound production. You will receive your composition in digital file format (MIDI) or sheet music (Score).
  • The music orchestration refers to writing or adapting music for an orchestra or musical ensemble. Orchestration may closely follows, the original piece of music or may tends to change significant aspects of the original piece of music. It rather depends from your wish and desire. Considering the written above, please be more specific when ordering this service.
  • The music arrangement refers to preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form. An arrangement may include re-harmonization, paraphrasing, and/or development of a composition, so that it fully represents the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure. It also involves adding compositional techniques, such as new thematic material for introductions, transitions, or modulations, and endings... Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety. This service includes midi-to-wav sample conversion up to 10 instruments. Each additional ordered instrument will be charged €5.
  • The music editing includes tuning of false recordings to the right pitch and tonality. Also our digital audio editor may advice you to select the best recorded tracks from your session. This service includes editing up to 2 (instruments/vocals). Each additional ordered instrument/vocal will be charged €10.
  • The music montage includes editing of not rhythmic recordings. Besides this, the source sound material can be processed by other methods of treatment, like grouping, moving, cutting and pasting of sound phrases. This service includes montage up to 10 instruments. Each additional ordered instrument will be charged €5.
  • Midi-to-wav sample conversion includes proper rate/bit conversion according to the project requirements, exporting midi-to-wav with proper sample change from the licensed samples libraries that studio can offer, altering the dynamics if it is needed and delivery in WAV format to the client. This service includes midi-to-wav conversion up to 3 instruments. Each additional ordered instrument will be charged €5.


  • Recording session - €30 (up to 1 day – 8 hours).

The price is valid only for one track, nevertheless how many instruments you have to get recorded, as long as it is within the framework of one working day. Every next day of recording cost same rate. If you have ordered Add-ons instrument for your project you will have to pay the recording fee as well, as this cover the technician effort. If you have ordered Add-ons, you earn a privilege to pay only once the recording fee, no matter how many days will takes to record the instrument for your project.


  • Recording instrument - €30.

The price is valid only per one instrument per one track. Please consider that not every instrument play in chromatic scale, generally concerning the ethnic instruments, so be advised to take this into consideration, before you plan your orders.

All other services from the Post-production (soundtrack & game music production; sound design, composing and arranging for television, theater, documentary and movie; internet & multimedia audio production; dialogue editing; narration / VO recording and editing; music composition, orchestration and arranging for non artist clients) are under additional discussion, as the rates depends from the essence of your project. Please contact us and we will be glad to consider with you the details and the price.

Payment methods

Payment via PayPal

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Payment via Bank Transfer

When we receive your order, you will get back all details needed for standard wire bank transfer from our office manager.

Notes about our rates

  • All payment for our services is due in advance (prepaid)
  • You will be billed in Euros. Please use this currency converter for all other currencies quoted, it does provide approximations only. If paying by bank transfer, kindly ensure payment is sent in Euro to our bank account.
  • If you require shipping of your project on CD by mail/courier instead of internet delivery, the fee is €35 EUR.
  • Rush service may be available for an additional fee (2x the standard price), depending on our current project schedule. Please contact us for more details and to check availability.

Turnaround times

Once payment is received, your project is scheduled. Your project turnaround time varies, depending on both the quantity of other ongoing projects, and how much time we require to perfect your order. Our turnaround time is usually longer than that at most other online studios; a testament to our exceptional time and quality commitment on every project. Turnaround normally varies from between 2 to 5 weeks. Please feel free to contact us for a turnaround estimate.