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While clearly demonstrating the quality of our services, the following demos also provide an excellent introduction to precisely what AMA Sound can accomplish across both a wide range of genres and across a sizable range of source mixes (from "very good" to "problematic").

In addition to listening to the tracks featured herein, we invite you to also compare our unique-to-AMA Sound demos with those of other online music studios. We are extremely confident you will find them absolutely amazing in all respects.

We particularly ask that you also listen for the mix nuances that are quite specific to AMA Sound's mixing approach. You will assuredly find that AMA Sound is about far more than making tracks clearer and brilliant; our process of mixing in minimum 6 dynamic stages ensures (often very dramatic) improvement in all aspects of musical expression, ranging from clarity through to spaciousness, balance, and definition.

Before and after

The demos below alternate between the the final mastered version and the original unmastered mix approximately every 7 seconds. For the sake of objectivity we have normalized the original unmastered version, i.e. both audio files peak at the same level (0dBFS). For the best listening experience you should choose the audio clip (WAV) instead of MP3.

  • Steven J.Mihaljevich ft. Annalisse Walker - Feel

    Trance 2013
  • Lyubomir Yordanov - Dreams & Memories

    Mixing, Mastering

    Soundtrack 2013
  • Lyubomir Yordanov - Under the White Sands

    Mixing, Mastering

    World 2013
  • Tigerforest - Touch the Sky (Airplay Mix)


    Trance 2013
  • Norra Morrel - In A Dream

    Mixing, Post-production, Mastering

    Metal 2013
  • Norra Morrel - Run My Love

    Mixing, Post-production, Mastering

    Metal 2013
  • Milla Kara - Nevermore


    New Age 2012