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My CD has to sound louder than any other disc ever made. Okay?

All kidding aside, this is a concern of record labels whose product is headed for radio play. We've also done some sampler discs, and each artist on a sampler wants their sound to stack up well against the competition. Everyone is looking for an edge, and sheer volume is an…


Should you record at 24 bits?

Now lets get to the subjective side of how music sounds at these different bit depths and sample rates. No one can really quantify how much better a song is going to sound recorded at 24/96. Just because a 24/96 file has 250 times the audio resolution does not mean…


16 vs 24 bit

Discussion of the mysteries behind bit-depth, sample rates and sound quality

It's just designed to get the new person up to speed on the issues and provide a strong sense of perspective on what really matters. We are going to talk about bit depth and sample rates, how these translate…


When to master locally?

Experienced mastering engineers offer a perspective based on working with a lot of albums. They can (and should) provide creative input, building on the musical vision of the production team. The result can be a new and different view into the music - an album that sounds "in the pocket".


Prepare for mastering

What can you do to make your mixes work best for the mastering engineer? If you're in doubt, many mastering houses offer a free or low-cost assessment of your CD-R or DAT. This is an excellent method to find out if your mix is in the proper condition for mastering,…