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Website statistics: Total clients: 69 | Finished projects: 208 | Mastered albums: 37 | Demos: 34 | Articles: 7

AMA Sound is your one-stop mixing, mastering, post-production resource for high quality product at affordable prices. Our Mission Statement reflects this postulate. At AMA Sound we understand that quality product is an integral part of your careers' every day operations. We also understand that you can't spend all of your resources on polishing your music production. Of course, you are always welcome to do all of your music desires here at AMA Sound. It is our goal to provide you with the mixes and masters you need at a price you can afford.

Whether you lay your tracks here or at another studio, AMA Sound is the place to go when it's time to mix and master your creation! We want to be your "home away from home" as far as the studio you go to when you're ready to put the "magic" into your project. We feel that it's not about us; it is all about the client and client satisfaction!

We're musicians ourselves. There are no "suits" here. We're all tried-and-true dedicated musicians and are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of getting your music to the top quality it deserves. We care about the artists and what they are trying to achieve. We don't have a group of investors to molly-coddle and that gives us the freedom to follow our conscience and do what is right; not what pays the most.

The team

  • Lyubomir Yordanov

    Founder of AMA Sound, Mix & mastering engineer

    Lyubomir Yordanov – the founder of AMA Sound, has many years experience in mixing & mastering. He has a bachelor degree in music – New Bulgarian University, by subjects "Computer Systems & Technology in the branch of Music". Completed diploma work "Stages in creating of creative music production, using computer and home studio". He is professional new age composer, known in the music scene with the artistic pseudonym Sleepwalker, experienced to create ethereal, celestial & soundscape textures in music compositions. Since 2003 he has released 2 solo albums and a Single. Since 2005 he is official member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers). Also he plays Native American flutes.

  • Ivailo Chantov

    Sound designer, composer, arranger & instrumentalist

    Responsible for music arranging, composing, sound design and recording instruments. Experienced in playing acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and flutes. He has been on the music scene from 20 years, like passing through many bands and different styles. Currently he plays in the band Stockholm.

  • Veselina Yonkova

    Office & studio manager

    Responsible for all public relations and communications, studio management and booking, payment consultations and office assistance. Currently study "Computer Systems & Technologies in the sphere of Music" in New Bulgarian University. Has 10 years experience in playing piano and few years of singing in choir for folk & jazz music. Since 2005 she works in audio-visual studio, specialized in recording music from vinyl to CD.

  • Alexander Koev

    Arranger, orchestrator

    Responsible for music arranging and orchestrating. He has been on the music scene from 19 years, like passing through many different styles – electronic, hip-hop, rock, ethnic and orchestral. During his music career, he took part as music composer and sound effect engineer in some game project as Gangsta' Race (2002), Great Pocket PC Puzzles (2003) and UnderQuest II (2004). Recently he works over his solo debut album.

  • Hristo Manolov


    Responsible for music orchestration. Experienced in composing music for soundtrack and game (OST) productions; theater music themes and documentary movies; arranging and orchestrating music for all kind of ensembles. He has worked over the creation of the music for few short-documentary movies. Currently he started a solo project, based on symphonic rock music, which will be released in the form of album in the near future.

  • Alexander Ivanov


    Responsible for composing. Alexander is a new addition to AMA Sound crew and he has special abilities in composing music. His experience in different styles as Hip-Hop/RnB, Pop, Ambient/Chill-Out, Dance/House, gives him the opportunity to lend color to each composition. In addition he composes music for music advertisements. The experimental and non standard approaches are his primary weapon in the creativity. He has produced one solo (promo) album and took part in many projects.

Former members

  • Ventsislav Drankarev

    2nd Mix engineer, composer, a cutting man (montage)

    Responsible for mixing, music composing and montage. He started as a composer and arranger in his first days at AMA Sound, but lately he experienced his skills in order to start helping in mixing. He has serious music background through the years, began as guitarist in several music bands and ended as a freelancer composer. Since 2 years he works continuously over his first album “Mythology”, based in the sphere of New age and Soundtrack music. He won 1st place in a competition, organized by the famous Bulgarian music portal SONIC-BANG for best original composition. He has also skills in writing lyrics.

  • Antonia Malcheva

    Digital audio editor, violin player

    Experienced in digital editing, this covers all sorts of music and voices. Also fixing and tune in vocals and instruments. In addition offers recording of violin and take special place in our Add-ons feature service. Antonia Malcheva has a bachelor degree in music – New Bulgarian University, by subjects audio-engineer and violin player. Completed diploma works - "How to mix music in stereo" and "Classification of the violin techniques of bowing and the ways of playing" - 2006. Since 2003 she works in Sleepwalker’s projects. Since 2004 she works in New Drama Theatre "Salza i smiah", like sound designer and audio engineer.

  • Alex Sanders a.k.a. Kopi Luwak

    New Business, Client Relations & Operations

    New Age/EDM Producer&Composer from Mexico, he began to study music 18 years old; his first contact with academic music was with the viola, and later the violoncello. He played the cello for about two years, participating in several concerts with the chamber orchestra of his city. At 20 years old, he changed the violoncello for the classical guitar, focusing in Heitor Villalobos repertorie, and renaissance era. These years, he took several Jazz workshops, renaissance history workshops, and Master classes with guitar legends from Mexico, like Juan Carlos Laguna, Julio Cesar Oliva, and others. It was not until 23 when he began to produce music, focusing into the New Age&Trance genre. Currently he is working on several projects&collabs, with names like Electric Pulse (Black Hole Records, Bonzai, Club Elite ), Luke Terry (Mondo Records, Monster Tunes), and the upcoming star from the UK, Tiff Lacey, who has sang for names like Paul Oakenfold, ATB, The Flash Brothers, and others. Also, he works as a freelancer Producer for the Swedish company Born, producing music for webpages/films&TV and Media.

  • George Strezov

    Sound design, composer

    A pianist and composer. Studies composition and conducting in the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov". Works mainly in the soundtrack genre, but has created musical pieces in other styles, such as jazz, electronica, hip-hop, new age, ambient. Some of his projects are the short-fims "Tony", "Playing Marbles", the documentaries "Safe in the internet", "A kiss for good-night", music and sound design for the video game "Strenght of the Sword", promoting clips and TV logos. He was a pianist of a pop-rock band, called "Ajabez", he has played on different gigs in places from rock-clubs to the classic "Bulgaria" hall. Except these projects, he is working on his debute album, with project name "Temporis Causa".